What makes inSHAPE so different from other programs out there is the importance we place on adaptation. Without proper phasing, it can be easy for our body’s to become adapted to what we’re doing and stop progressing. You may see great results initially, but if you’re not incorporating different stimulus into your training, those results will eventually begin to plateau. With inSHAPE, you’ll have six months months worth of phased programming designed to take your body through a different style of training every four weeks. With new workouts provided every two weeks, you’ll never get tired of the same old routine.


The other factor that separates inSHAPE from other programs is the way we incorporate frequency into our program. It only makes sense that the more you’re constantly stimulating your muscles, the quicker they will get stronger & grow. As more and more science comes out supporting the idea of increasing frequency as a means to promote muscle growth, we made it a priority to incorporate it into the program in a way that would maximize your results without sacrificing adequate recovery



One of the biggest problems with most fitness programs is the issue of hitting your plateau; this is a multi dimensional issue but what i comes down to is the fact that most workout routines are realtively shallow in their workout variety. The most effective way to combat the issue of plateauing is to have a a set of complimentary, but alternating workout routines and fortunately for your INSHAPE was designed to resolve this issue once and forever.


Aside from simply offering workouts, here at inSHAPE, we like to provide value at every level for our community. That's why Jake Kocherhans hosts a live Q&A weekly that you can attend on YOUTUBE and you can be sure to ask any questions and curiosities you may have about his program and/or any other fitness advice you may be looking to find.


Jake and the team at inSHAPE strongly believe is fitness serves the two primary purposes of bettering both, your physical and mental health. Be sure to compliment your inSHAPE training program with the nutritional guide that we have available for all subscribed members.


The most accessible and simple way to provide you with proper examples of how to perform each exercise with the correct form.


          “INSHAPE is a training program I’ve created with the sole purpose of keeping your body progressing over time. The program is split up into multiple phases that are designed to keep your body guessing, and help you crush through plateaus.”

          This program isn’t one that’s based around crash dieting & quick fix results. As enticing as those programs may seem, too often they lead to a rebounding of weight, as well as physical & mental burn out down the road. inSHAPE has been programmed specifically to walk you through the steps of how to gradually lose weight over time, so that you can sustain that weight loss for the rest of your life. No more yo-yo diets & busting your butt in the gym just to end up back where you started. Living healthy is about increasing your quality of life, not punishing yourself every day just so you can see a lower number on the scale. Throughout this program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to increase your energy, look great, and feel even better.



You’ll begin the program by focusing on increasing your muscular endurance. This is a higher repetition phase that will prepare your body and muscle to handle heavier loads as you progress through the rest of the program.


This is your first of two hypertrophy (muscle growth) focused phases. Rep ranges will be lower, and we will gradually be increasing weight throughout the month.


This is our first strength based phase. The emphasis will be to increase your raw strength and focus on getting better at moving heavier weight. Exercises will be primarily compound, multi muscular movements with plenty of rest in between each set.


This is our second hypertrophy focused phase, and will include much higher volume than the other phases. We will be incorporating supersets, dropsets, and other training styles with a focus on the “pump” and getting as much blood flow as possible into the muscle.


In this phase, the focus will be entirely based around increasing better movement in your body. It will incorporate movements that will challenge your stability and help to improve overall core strength and function.


The final phase of the program is focused on creating explosive power. It will incorporate movements from the strength phase as well as plyometric style exercises to increase your overall output.


Ready to build that butt you’ve always wanted? Our inSHAPE BOOTY program will teach you everything you need to know to begin sculpting more shapely legs & firmer glutes. With full warm up routines and glute specific workouts, we’re confident you’ll start seeing results FAST.


Want to get into better shape, but just don’t have the time to get to the gym everyday? Maybe you’re constantly on the road, and simply don’t have access to the equipment required for most programs. inSHAPE AT HOME was designed specifically for that purpose. With the only equipment being an assortment of resistance bands, we’ll teach you how to achieve a great physique all while in the comfort of your own home.


Everyone wants to have a toned stomach and firm, visible abs. The problem is that when it comes to training your core, most people are doing all the wrong things! This program will teach you what exercises you should be doing to tighten your midsection, as well as how to properly engage your abs to get the best results possible.


Most frequent questions and answers
Meal plans are not included in your inSHAPE subscription, BUT you can get all the information you need to plan your meals and dial in your nutrition by downloading our free Nutrition Kickstarter Guide! We’ve also provided you with a custom macro calculator that will allow you to input your info and provide you with an easy to follow macro count.
The best place to ask any questions is in our facebook forum! Not only does it help you, but also helps other members of the forum who may have the same questions. Don’t be shy!
If you have specific injuries or circumstances that prevent you from performing certain movements in the program, feel free to reach out or post on the facebook forum and we can give you alternative exercises to do.

Each program provides you with a specific exercise library containing video tutorials on all the exercises shown in the program. you can also click on the before and after images of each workout to take you directly to the instructional video!

A great way to gauge what weight you should be using is to look at the rep range you are trying to hit. you want to feel challenged with each rep, but also want to be able to maintain proper form throughout the entire set. We recommend starting with a light warm up set, and increasing your weight on the subsequent sets accordingly!
Our cardio recommendations will vary greatly from person to person. Your goals, metabolism, experience level, should all be taken into account when structuring a cardio regimen. We are currently working on some programs that will allow you to individualize your cardio routine, but for now, the videos in our facebook forum are a great resource to find out what you should be doing!
After completing the 6 month program, we recommend starting over from phase one. At this point, your mobility, your movement, your recruitment patterns, and your strength should be at a much higher level from when you first began the program. Continuing to work through the phases will keep your body progressing and adapting, even the second time around!

You can find instructions for implementing ab training by going to our INSHAPE 6 Pack program. In there you will find specific exercises to do, as well as instruction for how to implement them into your current workout program.





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